Palo Santo

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Scent Family: Wood | Fruit

Palo Santo Wood | Smoke | Blood Orange | Bergamot 

Sultry and woodsy aromatics, this candle carries clean wood tones splashed with citrusy blood orange. If you love our Agave + Citrus and Entre Nous candles, you will love this one too!

This candle is infused with natural essential oils including elemi and bergamot. There are no actual pieces of Palo Santo used in the making of this candle.

History of Palo Santo: Palo Santo is a tree native to South America, historically used as a medicinal energy cleanser. The tradition of burning Palo Santo dates back to the Incans and has been worshipped for its healing and purifying powers, known to stave off inflammation, detoxify the body and relieve stress and pain. Light this candle to bring an aura of calm and luxurious sensuality to your space.

10 ounces of goodness! Burn time is approximately 50 hours.

Hand-poured in small batches in Maine, using all-natural coconut and soy wax, cotton braided wicks, and clean fragrances infused with essential oils.