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Bamboo | Red Currant | Citron | Eucalyptus | Persimmon

Indulge in a moment of pure bliss with this captivating candle. The perfect blend of bright and soft notes creates a delightful sensory experience. Let the enchanting aromas of bamboo, red currant, citron, eucalyptus, and persimmon fill your space, creating a soothing ambiance that nurtures your soul.

our story

I came across Mere Point Soleil candles at an art walk and immediately fell in love with their presentation! Amber really takes the time to pay attention to quality and details.

Cory K.

This candle has me ready for summer!
It is citrusy good! Candles came very fast and I am glad I decided to pull the trigger and order them. Did I mention how good this candle smells??

Ted S.

I'm already obsessed with Mere Point Soleil candles! Amber does a great job getting just the right amount of scent. Not too weak or too strong. Love these candles!

Amanda J.

I just placed an order on Mere Point Soleil yesterday and was happily surprised to receive my candles in the mail today! The customer service is top notch and the candles smell delightful!

Robyn B.


in small batches

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Mere Point Soleil is proud to be a member of the Maine Made community. Maine Made helps to build recognition for Maine artisans and makers of products that indicate a commitment to quality and integrity.